Hello Parents!  
You haven't heard from us very often in recent weeks (months!) about new classes.  We haven't gone away, but we have temporarily changed our class structure.   
For the foreseeable future, Early Masters classes will be following the "Learning Pod" format (small groups of kids that regularly study together).  Currently, all of our after-school classes slots are filled until the end of the year (and what a year it's been!!).
There may be some time slots opening up in the new year.  If you are interested in forming a Learning Pod, please subscribe to our newsletter, so you can get the latest updates on possible openings.
For those of you who are home-schooling your kids, and not subject to the SPS online schedules, we may be able to accommodate your group of 5-8 students during the day.  If interested, please email Shelley@EarlyMasters.com
Private classes are also an option.  Please email for details.  

Thank you for your support and patience in these strange times!

Yours truly,
Shelley Thomas
Early Master


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No schedule classes are available for online enrollment.