In celebration of Seattle Art Museum’s upcoming summer exhibition,“Monet at Étretat,” we’ll look our favorite titan of art and his obsession with the famous cliffs. Painted over EIGHTY times, he always found a different perspective, whether it was near or far, above or below; in winter or summer, rain or shine. Unmatched in his brilliant understanding of light and color, the series is among the milestones of Impressionism and Western landscape painting. 
In this two-day workshop, paint in the style of Monet and the other artists who set up their easels on this famous shoreline (Van Gogh, Courbet, Loiseau, and Matisse) and create our own masterpiece. 
Thursday June 24 - Friday June 25
Ages 8 +
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2021 - SummerMonet at √ČtretatThursday, June 24, 20219:00 AM4 hoursFriday, June 25, 2021Shelley Thomas8 - 160Wait List