He was born 160 years ago but his compelling life captivates us to this day. Vincent van Gogh is now known as the one of the most famous "tortured" artists in history (if not THE most famous).

He remains in the news... recording breaking sales of his work, hidden under-paintings, frauds, new biographies etc.

It’s hard to think of an artist who is as beloved as van Gogh. His paintings are so immediate and honest.  Learning more about the man who created these masterpieces will help us connect to them even more.

We’ll look at his life, discover his techniques and explore new theories on one of the most fascinating lives in the history of art. 

Tuesday July 12 - Friday July 15

9:30am - 1:30pm

Ages 8-13



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2022 Summer5 - Summer - Know van GoghTuesday, July 12, 20229:30 AM4 hoursFriday, July 15, 2022Shelley Thomas8 - 130Wait List